In just a few easy steps, all Prescott College students and alumni can create an account with Prescott College Student Employment Online. 


FIRST, you’ll need to create a username.  If it’s easier to remember, you can use your Prescott College username, usually first initial then last name. Just remember this is a separate account and is not linked to your campus login.  Alum and newly admitted students can create an account, even if you don’t have a current campus account.


THEN, we’ll ask you for your email address.  The system will use this address to send messages from employers, reminders about deadlines and contact you in case something comes up.  Please check back often.


NEXT, you’ll need to enter a password.  You can use any combination of letters and numbers, just make it short enough to remember and long enough to be secure. 


IN THE FUTURE, you’ll use your username and password to access your account…so write it down and keep it safe.  If you forget your password or want to change it later, follow the link from the login screen.    


Current students can search job listings and apply online, then complete and submit time sheets in order to get paid. 


Federal Work-Study (FWS) award recipients can also apply for work-study positions posted for elementary school tutoring. 


All students and alum can receive job mail search updates and also review off-campus jobs posted by private employers.  We do not screen these postings, so use your good judgment. 

NOW, follow this link to create your account.