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BIPOC First Year Student Mentor
Job ID 2475
Job Type On-Campus
Employer Student Life
Date Posted Dec 13, 2022
Category Miscellaneous/Other
Job Description

Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) Retention Advocacy Program

Student Organizer

Students of Color are encouraged to apply

Mission: To develop personal relationships with admitted freshmen to increase BIPOC retention.

The BIPOC Retention Advocacy Program believes that creating a strong sense of a caring community within the educational system will increase retention and graduation rates for all BIPOC students.  In our program, students learn to support one another, to increase their participation in cultural and educational events that emphasize their respective BIPOC history, and to share responsibility towards the progress of the Latino community.  By learning about their histories and their cultures, they can take pride in the accomplishments of past generations, feel connected to their communities, and acknowledge the significance of their success in the future of our peoples.



To ensure the successful transition to college for incoming BIPOC students through personal support and advice from a BIPOC graduate/professional or exceptional upper-class undergraduate student as well as a university faculty member to ultimately increase participation in higher education and positively affect the graduation rates of BIPOC students at Prescott College



To create and instill a sense of cultural pride and understanding in each participant

To empower both the Fellow and the Mentors to be in control of their choices by providing the skills needed to effectively network with various campus units, student resources, and each other

To assist in the retention of all BIPOC students on campus

To develop the leadership skills of BIPOC students

To strengthen the BIPOC community at Prescott College

To create an intellectual BIPOC community at Prescott College   

To collaborate with the campus and the community at large in addressing Xicana/o and Latina/o issues and concerns as it pertains to the retention of students



To ensure a successful academic experience for the incoming BIPOC students.

To tie BIPOC students to campus and community resources that are essential to their success at Prescott College



The BIPOC Retention Advocacy Program envisions a future in which all BIPOC students: will graduate; will become empowered leaders within their respective community and the world; will share the positive images of a powerful heritage and culture with those they have contact while appreciating the history and culture of a multiracial, multicultural society; and will work together for the educational, economic, and social betterment of BIPOC communities everywhere.



The BIPOC Rentention Advocacy Program is designed to assist and empower students by providing a mentorship program environment that will aide in: 

  • Organizing their personal and academic goals

  • Building their self-esteem

  • Building their cultural awareness


Serving as a resource unit to include:

  • Prescott College services

  • Prescott College resources

  • career development and opportunities

  • scholarship and internship information

  • community services and resources

  • graduate school information

  • BIPOC services and resources

  • faculty/staff committed to BIPOC students

  • health resources/services

  • technical resources/services


Student organizers will be expected to work a minimum of 10 hours a week.  Some travel is required. Student organizers should be juniors or seniors. Students should be in good academic standing.

Job Requirements


  • Develop a personal relationship with 3 - 5 BIPOC freshmen. 

  • Contacting BIPOC students by telephone, e-mail, regular mail and in-person.

  • Maintaining a log of contacts with BIPOC students.  

  • Answering or referring student questions.  

  • Insuring student questions are answered. 

  • Participating in phone banks, mailings, home visits and local events at the FFCSC. 

  • Attending weekly meetings of TOCA groups.  

  • Administer entrance and exit surveys to BIPOC students.  

  • Assist in the compilation of collected data. 

  • Recruit additional volunteers. 

  • Assisting other student organizers, student coordinators and program staff. 

  • Other duties as assigned.

Available Openings 2
Work-Study Requirement? Preferred but not required
Hours 10.0 to 20.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $13.85/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Alexandria Christina Mattison
Contact Email
Work Location Student Activities Center (SAC)
Phone 9283501015
Fax N/A

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