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Housing Assistant
Job ID 2441
Job Type Residence Life
Employer Housing
Date Posted Nov 04, 2022
Category Miscellaneous
Job Description

As a member of the Residence Life Department, the Housing Assistant (HA) is exposed to elements of the RA position. These elements include but are not limited to crisis response, duty obligations, and policy enforcement. The HA has a unique opportunity to create an enjoyable living and learning environment by acting as a role model to the larger resident population. The HA is expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the responsibilities outlined below and with Prescott College policies. 


1) Participate in duty responsibilities. On-duty responsibilities consist of conducting rounds of the building and surrounding premises, confronting violations of rules and regulations in the Housing Handbook, interacting with residents, and building a sense of community.

2) Be a source of information on policies, rules and regulations of The Village and PC. Enforce and support the policies, rules and regulations, and procedures or any policy or law that PC students must follow (i.e., College Campus, City, State, Local Laws). Confront and report student conduct concerns (i.e., writing Incident Reports in Maxient and communicating this to the Residence Life Coordinator).

3) Serve as a positive role model and mentor for other PC students by adhering to the policies and regulations of PC and the Residence Life department. 

4) Act as a liaison, establishing open communication channels, between the students, the Office of Residence Life, and the Administration of Prescott College. Keep students informed about housing issues and policies by posting notices and through personal contact. Assist students in handling crises and solving conflicts.


5) Perform general office tasks (i.e., responding to student inquiries, answering phones, filing, scanning, etc). There will be two hours per week of scheduled desk duty. If all else is complete, you may study or perform coursework. However, please do not plan on using this time to complete coursework. The primary role of desk duty is to attend to residence life objectives. Maintain general cleanliness of the office area and The Village courtyard.

6) Attend weekly staff meetings and in-service training meetings. While at meetings, be present with singular attention to the meeting at-hand (please don't bring outside work, don't be on duty for another work or school role, don't bring homework, etc.). Meetings will occur weekly at a communally agreed upon time for approximately one hour.

7) Complete necessary paperwork in a timely manner (i.e. Incident Reports and Google Forms for Duty Logs and Office Hours). 

8) Promptly respond to communications from Residence Life staff or other College administrators. Help students in filling out PC forms as needed (i.e. work orders, IT HelpDesk Requests). 

9) If you are able to work a second job it is imperative that the needs of this role are prioritized. This means that the HA schedule must take precedence over any additional employment schedule. While on duty for Residence Life, you may not be on-duty working in another capacity. When on duty, your full job role, and responsibility must be as a HA. 

10) Cultivate community in The Village and on-campus. Cultivating community is the number one, most rewarding job quality of the RAs who work in Residence Life.


Job Requirements

1) Enrolled in a minimum of 12 Prescott College credits per term.

2) Consistent academic and disciplinary standing during the time of appointment. 

3) Ability to collaborate well with other individuals and groups of individuals.

4) Have the ability to carry out the role of an HA in a positive and developmental manner. 

5) Demonstrate open-mindedness, kindness, and optimism in meeting every resident where they’re at.

6) Be an active leader and physically present in The Village to engage residents

Available Openings 4
Work-Study Requirement? No, work-study not used
Hours 5.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $13.85/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Caitlin Corrine Newman
Contact Email
Work Location Residence Life
Phone N/A
Fax N/A

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