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Marketing Assistant
Job ID 2039
Job Type On-Campus
Employer Marketing and Public Relations
Date Posted Aug 23, 2022
Category Miscellaneous/Other
Job Description

In this job you will assist in marketing Prescott College through social media and the Prescott College website by writing news articles and personal profiles, including photographs and video, to promote the College to prospective students, and support current students with timely information. You will perform weekly media assignments for the Marketing Department, focusing on social media outlets and photography projects for the Prescott College website and promotional material. This position involves contacting students, faculty, and alumni for information, scheduling interviews, and photography sessions, and tracking all campus-related activities for promotion on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and more. There is a strong self-directed component to this position, you will need to be connected and "in the know" on activities that involve Prescott College, its students, alums and extra-curricular groups in any official capacity and post photos, video and brief news pieces about these activities in real-time on social media.

Job Requirements

A good candidate for this position must be able to meet deadlines consistently. Having good writing stills is very important, as there is a lot of writing in this position. An interest in photography and videography is a plus and your skills in those fields can be developed on the job. This position involves writing informative and entertaining articles about events and profiles of people and assisting the video production manager with shooting assignments. A good candidate is positive, motivated and outgoing – you will be required to interact with people and at events. Successful hires will achieve a wealth of portfolio material and valuable resume experience. 

Available Openings 1
Work-Study Requirement? Preferred but not required
Hours 10.0 to 20.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $13.85/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Carla Snook
Contact Email
Work Location In Prescott, on campus as necessary, but no need to come into an office daily.
Phone 6104627170
Fax N/A

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