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Organizational Management Assistant
Job ID 1898
Job Type On-Campus
Employer Frantz Fanon Community Strategy Center
Date Posted Jul 05, 2022
Category Faculty Assistant
Job Description

Mission: The Frantz Fanon Community Strategy Center (FFCSC) is a community organizing and mobilization center devoted to popular education, advocacy, and organizing. The center is a space for Prescott College students as well as community members to meet and organize around social justice topics.

This position works directly with the Faculty Coordinator of the Frantz Fanon Community Strategy Center to maintain the organizational integrity and capacity of organizing and retention programs. They will work directly with the Faculty Coordinator to increase capacity for outreach both on and off campus.

  • This position requires a strong and creative thinker.
  • Someone with a stong skill set in multi-tasking and organizational skills, who thrives in a fast paced work environment.
  • They must be comfortable providing limited oversight to fellow workers under the direction of the FFCSC coordinator.

The Frantz Fanon Community Strategy Center, is located on the campus of Prescott College and has been designed to function as a communal location wherein groups working for positive society social change through community mobilization and organizing may meet, plan, and collaborate in safety and community. Highlights of the organizing efforts put forth by the FFCSC have included: “know your rights” trainings, social justice protests, education forums from community members and elected officials, community vigils, and developing a media platform. Every aspect of the Center is student directed and focuses on social justice education and action. 

The impact of the FFCSC has been positive. As organizers at the CSC become more adept we begin to reach a broader part of the community. Relevant areas of programming at the FFCSC have consistently remained community mobilization and organizing. The FFCSC is a dedicated space for community organizing with one main focus, which is to teach community mobilization and organizing to as wide a slice of the population as possible.

We believe that informed citizens with the skill set to activate their fellow citizens is the most powerful tool a healthy democracy can posses. 

Job Requirements

Desire to work on a variety of tasks. 

Strong inter-personal communications.

Self driven with the ability to follow through and complete tasks.

Must be able to get along with others. 

Strong teamwork ethic. 

Must know:

  • Microsoft word
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Premier
  • Set apppointments on Google calendar
  • Use of Google Drive. 


Available Openings 1
Work-Study Requirement? Yes, required
Hours 10.0 to 20.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $13.85/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Ernesto T Mireles
Contact Email
Work Location Prescott
Phone 517-881-6505
Fax N/A

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