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Community Needs Assessment
Job ID 1865
Job Type On-Campus
Employer Frantz Fanon Community Strategy Center
Date Posted Jul 30, 2019
Category Miscellaneous/Other
Job Description

Students of color are encouraged to apply.


This position will learn the basics of performing a community assessment: creating a community base line form: education, income, political orientation data (Census etc.).  This data will be turned into a comprehensive community-organizing plan that will be used to shape policy for oppressed communities in and the around the state.  


This position will learn:

  • How to structure a need assessment survey.

  • How to interpret a need assessment survey.

  • How to produce a report based on the need assessment. 

  • How policy and advocacy are affected and enacted through needs assessments.

  • Basics of the COMMUNITY STRATEGY CENTER’s community organizing framework. 

This position is open to all qualifying Prescott College students with a commitment to social justice and economic justice, as well as being open to working with people of different race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. Participants need to be people oriented, energetic, flexible and willing to work 10-15 hrs a week.

Experience Gained

Undergraduate Interns will learn how to organized on a local level, working with community organizers, politician and people who are in need of help. Interns will be introduced to a number of national campaigns centering on such diverse topics as (but not limited to):

  • immigration, 

  • minimum wage, 

  • union organizing, 

  • electoral campaigns,  

  • learn their rights as a citizen

Job Requirements

Interns will engage in topical computer research, professional communication, networking skills to build community coalitions. 


Interns will begin developing professional organizing skills  by helping people in their fight for social justice and raising critical consciousness. They will do this by engaging in local politics, visiting people at their home or place of work to find out information regarding their interest in community development; organizing or participating in direct action, assisting in building coalitions between labor and community organizations, educating the public or rallying support on important community issues, campaigning for workers rights. All interns regardless of their position will learn the basics of our low intensity community-organizing model.  


Intern Responsibilities

Topical research support on the issues that groups are working on such as immigration, the effects and fallout from welfare reform, health care, living wages, corporate accountability and more. The research enables us to provide better education and strategic planning support. Professional political work includes research assistance and help with designing ongoing organizing campaigns. Maintain computer and research files, including network and bibliographic databases. Administrative tasks include maintaining files sorting mail searching newspapers and magazines for articles and some photocopying. 

Available Openings 1
Hours 10.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $11.00/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name ernesto t mireles
Contact Email
Work Location Prescott
Phone 5178816505
Fax N/A

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